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Looking To Host A Retreat But Don't Have All Of The Equipment Needed?

Rent a Retreat

All of our equipment is available for rental in the central Florida area to help make your event a success. We offer set up and break down and can even cater for your event with freshly prepared organic meals.


Delivery fees not included in pricing

tent teepees at night


1 Teepee Only (Without Set Up) - $75 Per Night

1 Teepee Fully Furnished (Twinkle Lights, Mattress, Sheets, Quilt, Pillows, Throw Blanket, Nightstand, Lantern, Misting Fan & Battery Pack) Set Up Included - $150 Per Night 

8 Teepees Fully Furnished - $1200 Per Night

Paddle Boards

1 Paddle Board W/paddle - $50, 1 Day

8 Paddle Boards W/paddles - $400, 1 Day

two women paddle boarding
cabin at nighttime

Package Rentals

Free delivery & save 10% when you rent all 8 Teepees fully furnished with set up PLUS all 8 paddle boards with paddles. 

- $1440 per night

Add Full Day Catering Service For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - $200 Per Person

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