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Top 10 Reasons to go on a Yoga Retreat

Updated: Feb 9

You've heard all of your friends raving about the yoga retreat that they went on over the summer, and you're interested.. but you don't quite know why you would go.

If you're wondering what people can hope to experience by going on a yoga retreat, we're here to help. Scroll through as we talk about the top 10 reasons people might enjoy a yoga retreat and see if you can find a reason to give you the nudge you need to book your first retreat! There's something for everyone, friend.


Top 10 Reasons to go on a Yoga Retreat

1. Connection with Others

Whether you're flying solo or book a retreat with your best girl tribe, a yoga retreat naturally opens our hearts and lets us become vulnerable with others as we flow through asanas and connect with nature. Being surrounded by like-minded women as you challenge your comfort zone allows offers a sense of belonging and support. Letting your guard down and accepting love in is our very top reason to book a yoga retreat.

2. Connect with Nature

Speaking of connection, when is the last time you intentionally went outside to connect with the natural world around you? On a yoga retreat you are fully immersed in nature from the time that you begin your silent morning meditative walk, to connecting with therapy horses, to letting the cool & clean waters of a Florida spring renew your sense of self as tiny fish and maybe an otter family swims by. Psychology has proven that there are proven reductions in anxiety, depression, and other emotional hindrances in people who spend time grounding with the Earth and all she has to offer.

3. Yoga

You don't have to be a yoga pro to join in on a yoga retreat! In fact, a yoga retreat is one of the best places to kick off your yoga journey. We offer several different types of yoga so that you have the opportunity to find which style suits you best. From practices that focus on strengthening to those that promote relaxation to some that even offer a chance for play, you may choose whether to take every class or to pick and choose. Yoga Elements holds up to 5 different styles on each yoga retreat.

4. Healing

Life can throw curve balls sometimes, whether it's a change in your career, the loss of a pet or loved one, or just feeling stuck. We've been there too, friend. No matter the source of your pain, separation from a normal routine and immersion in Earths elements can help you to find the grounding that is lost in the midst of grief, allowing you to breathe a little bit easier.

5. Clarity on a Big Decision

When a big decision and change is on the horizon, it can be easy to get lost in your thoughts or overwhelmed by the well-intended advice of friends and loved ones. Release yourself from the noise that is blocking your ability to look within or to your higher power for clarity in doing what is best for you.

6. Be Cared For

As women in our modern society, it's not common to be looked after. We often don't have anyone making our meals or making sure we're eating healthy. It's a special treat to be served coffee, just the way we like, in the comfort of our beds before the sun rises. However, on a retreat, that all changes. That first cup of coffee in bed sets the stage for nourishing meals throughout your entire stay- with dietary restrictions honored.

7. Challenge Yourself

While challenging yourself may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a retreat, we think it's one of the most rewarding parts! You have the opportunity to try something new or even dance long the edges of your comfort zone while gaining confidence and remembering how wonderfully capable you are!

8. Explore New Places

Whether you're a local to Florida, where most of our yoga retreats are held, or if you've gotten on a plane to get to your retreat- we guarantee hidden gems and adventures that take you off of the beaten path. We explore crystal clear springs, underground caves, connect with animals and more!

9. Focus on Wellness

Wellness of the mind, body, and soul are of utmost importance on every retreat. Honoring your mind means honoring thoughts and learning to shift them if needed. For your body, move through the asanas of your yoga practice or opt for a hydration IV from an onsite medical firm for an extra boost. Most importantly, connect back to yourself, to the essence of who you were created to be.

10. Have Fun!

Perhaps one of the very most important reasons to go on a yoga retreat is to have fun! This isn't the time to fix your makeup or worry about responsibilities or thoughts of others (I'm talking to you, perfectionists). Let your hair down, as they say, and allow yourself and inner child to have the very best time. Let your imagination soar and soften into a sweet smile, yogi.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming retreats!

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