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What to Expect: Yoga Retreats

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Women sitting in nature surrounded by teepees at yoga elements retreats

You've found the perfect retreat and you're about to click "book" but you pause... do I really know what I'm getting myself into?

To settle your nerves, read along as you enjoy a fuller description of what a yoga retreat is like with Yoga Elements Retreats!

From arrivals to closing ceremonies, we're here to walk you through what one of our yoga retreats looks like! The first thing you should know though, is that there are many different types of yoga retreats- from spiritual retreats to wellness retreats to exercise retreats and everything in between! Yoga Elements Retreats can best be described as a yoga, camping, & adventure retreat outfitter. Come along for the adventure!

So you've arrived at the retreat location and your host meets you at your car. She tells you to grab what you will need for the weekend and lock your car before loading up in her vehicle to head to your teepee.

In a secluded area, just far enough away from the outside world, you approach upon a circle of matching teepees. You're shown to a space curated especially for you and given a brief run down. If you're not in yoga clothes already, you'll change into those now. You have the choice of relaxing into your new space as other guests arrive or explore our site.

Inside of your spacious teepee you will find fresh linens, organic toiletries, and a special gift from us on your six inch mattress. Feet will comfortably move around on clean carpeted floors. Your nightstand holds a battery operated misting fan, a power bank to charge your phone or watch, and an essential oil diffuser filling your senses with lavender for relaxation.

As you lay back onto your pillows, your gaze shifts to the ceiling where you notice a peculiar black cylinder. You reach up to find that it is a lantern that is yours in or out of your teepee for the weekend.

During your retreat, you will be offered several different styles of yoga that are accessible to even the newest yogis.

On Friday, we begin with a gentle vinyasa flow. The intention of this class is to ease the nerves by moving energy through the body before settling into your final Svasana. Saturday morning will call for a Sunrise Vinyasa, similar to the night before with a few added options to take strengthening asanas (yoga poses). After lunchtime, enjoy a "yogi nap" with a yoga Nidra class, the easiest way to think of this is as a deep meditation. After your energy is restored, we head for to the springs for Stand-up Paddleboard yoga and play. On Sunday, we have one last class left- yin yoga to work into the muscles and fascia, helping to ease any lingering soreness.

Many of our retreats boast SUP Yoga- no experience necessary. We start with a safety brief and go over different paddle strokes before getting on our boards. We have the chance to paddle around, sitting or standing, before we begin our practice. One of our trained SUP Yoga instructors will guide you through a gentle flow that challenges your balance on the board. Don't worry if you fall, that's what makes it fun! The svasana on your SUP will be unmatched with the gentle rocking of the waters and warm sun grazing your skin.

Whether you're flying solo or bring your best group of gal pals, you can bet on tons of connection time. Surrounded by nature, all of the titles and expectations of every day life fall to the wayside and we're able to meet one another exactly where we are in that moment. Bonds are created and friendships are nourished as we each have the opportunity to share our thoughts, opinions, and dreams in a loving atmosphere of women who lift one another up. We become both vulnerable and realize our own strengths as complete strangers help to remind of us of the light that our presence offers. You can relax in knowing that what is shared here, is safe within our retreat sisters hearts and will not leave the retreat.

Just thinking of all of that yoga is probably making you hungry.. but first, coffee! Delivered just the way you like it, right to your teepee as the forest begins to awaken. All of our meals are prepared fresh using organic, locally sourced ingredients where possible. We look for recipes and catering that is both nourishing and delicious, working in camping classics like chili followed by s'mores for desert is always a favorite. Wine pours are also offered in the evenings but we respect those who wish to abstain as well.

In addition, we also strive to meet all dietary restrictions and are mindful of allergies as well. No matter your retreat, always be sure to share such info with your hosts at time of booking to ensure food safety.

At Yoga Elements Retreats, we think it's important to test the limits of our comfort zones just a little further. Depending on the retreat you've chosen, you may have the opportunity to participate in an intuitive horse connection and have a chance to ride bareback or maybe you are taken to a private Florida cenote for an incredible meditation and chance to swim in the waters of an underground cave.

Whatever your retreat offers, we encourage our guests to come with an open mind and perhaps try something new!

At last, it's time for your retreat to come to an end. Your last day onsite will be over by 11:00am but that still gives plenty of time for us to fill your cup.

Our final activity is meant to solidify the connection you've made with camp mates over the weekend as well as to remind you of the things that we, as humans, sometimes look past in our own selves. Ending our time together with an outpouring of love and light.

With that, we encourage you to book the retreat that most calls to you. Whether this is your first yoga retreat, or your tenth, we would love the chance to show you our passion of nature, yoga, camping, and adventure that has been brought to life through Yoga Elements Retreats.

We look forward to seeing you out there, yogi!

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Lane Photography, find her on socials @mac.kenzielanephotography


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